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Pennsylvania woman dies in pedestrian accident

Motorists know that they are expected to comply with a number of traffic laws and safe driving regulations. Pedestrians are also expected to comply with traffic laws. However, in an accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle, the pedestrian is often the one to pay the price.

Injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident can be extremely seriously. Victims can suffer brain damage, broken bones or lacerations. In the most severe cases, these injuries prove to be fatal.That was the tragic case recently when an elderly woman in Pennsylvania was hit by a car.

Neighbors blame road for fatal car accident in Pennsylvania

There were no witnesses and both drivers died at the scene. These are the complications that are facing investigators of a fatal car accident that occurred recently in Pennsylvania.

In situations such as these, it can be difficult for the accident investigation to conclusively determine what happened, let alone which driver was at fault. But those who live close to the scene believe that the road itself may have been a contributing factor.

Pennsylvania car accident results in 1 death

It is unsettling how commonplace fatal car accidents are in our society. Regardless of the warnings from news outlets and media campaigns, as well as words from friends and family cautioning safe driving, these tragic accidents are still occurring all too frequently.

This weekend on a Pennsylvania road, a 58-year-old driver was killed when his vehicle struck a tree while traveling at what witnesses described as a “high rate of speed.” A female passenger in his vehicle was airlifted to an area hospital with serious injuries. 

Texting while walking more dangerous than texting while driving

Many people can’t remember what we did without smartphones. In addition to old-fashioned phone conversations, we use smartphones to send text messages, play games, and even take photos of historic sites in Pennsylvania. Most teenagers and young adults vaguely remember not being able to do all of these things on their phones. However, they sometimes also forget about the dangers; not the dangers of having their phone hacked for personal information, but the dangers of using the phone while walking. Pedestrian accident injuries related to cellphone usage are on the rise.

While quite a bit of publicity has been directed toward the dangers of driving while texting, recent studies show that, in terms of injuries per mile, walking while distracted is more dangerous than driving while distracted. And because you can generally watch where you are going while talking on a phone, texting while walking leads to more accidents because you are not paying attention to your surroundings. Reported incidents caused by distracted walking include tripping and falling down stairs and, possibly the worst possible consequence, stepping into a crosswalk against the light and walking into traffic.

Pennsylvania family reaches settlement with car insurance company

When a family member is injured in an accident while another member of the family is driving, it may be difficult for the victim to sue the driver for compensation for injuries.  But when the driver is insured, his or her insurance company may ultimately be responsible for compensating the passenger for medical expenses and other damages incurred due to the car accident.  This recently happened in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

The car accident litigation in the case has taken place over a decade. The accident occurred in Feb. 2003 when the victim, then 15, was a passenger in a car that his older brother, then 17, was driving. The older brother lost control of the car, hitting a steel pole. The car was cut in half on impact. The younger brother suffered extensive injuries including a brain injury that has left him to function at the level of an 8-year-old.

Pennsylvania State Trooper among injured in multi-vehicle crash

Car accidents can happen in any road conditions, but during the winter months icy roads and poor visibility certainly increases the chances. A recent multi-vehicle accident involving a state trooper closed parts of Route 3 for more than two hours last month. The slippery road conditions due to ice are considered to be a factor in the crash, according to a news report.

Four vehicles were involved in total in the wreck, including a state trooper, who was one of the people treated for injuries. The driver of a box truck involved in the crash and the driver of another vehicle were both taken to a hospital, treated and released, according to a news report.

SEPTA bus accident leaves 10 people injured

A recent accident involving a minivan and a bus left 10 people injured, including six passengers on a SEPTA bus, in the Frankford area of Philadelphia. Those on the scene at the time of the accident believe the minivan ran through a red light and then crashed into the transit bus.

In the case of this SEPTA bus accident, the damages suffered by the bus passengers and the four other victims may need to be compensated for. The minivan driver who struck the bus will also have to answer questions during the investigation of the incident. The bus driver may also be investigated, as bus accident cases are often much more complicated than they appear on the surface.

Distracted Pennsylvania driver sentenced for pedestrian death

Montgomery County residents often think of cellphones and other electronic devices when the topic of distracted driving comes up. However, the distractions that can result in car accidents are not only technology based. Many drivers cause accidents when they are distracted in thought or in a conversation with someone else in the vehicle. Drivers also can become dangerous when they are distracted by children in the vehicle.

Last week, a man was sentenced to six to 23 months in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility for causing a car accident that resulted in the death of a pedestrian. The pedestrian accident occurred when the driver’s child dropped her bottle in the backseat and he turned around to pick it up. A witness reportedly saw the distracted driver swerve off the side of the road where a pedestrian was walking. The victim suffered extensive head trauma and died from his injuries.

Bucks County authorities look for answers in fatal hit and run

Fatal hit-and-run accidents can pose serious challenges in terms of the ensuing investigation. If no witnesses saw the collision, then police are often left with the task of linking physical evidence to an as-yet-unknown vehicle and driver.

Authorities in Northampton Township are trying to understand exactly what happened in a hit-and-run collision that appears to have taken a 51-year-old woman's life. The family of the victim is undoubtedly grief-stricken and looking for answers.

Montgomery County bus driver pleads guilty after fatal collision

The family members of victims killed in auto accidents may have legal options for achieving justice beyond any criminal charges brought against an at-fault driver. In cases involving drivers of large commercial vehicles, a victim's grieving family could bring a wrongful death claim against the driver or the driver's employer.

With these issues in mind, let's consider the recent guilty plea entered in connection with a school bus accident in Montgomery County. The 64-year-old bus driver pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after the death of a 78-year-old Pottstown resident in September 2013.

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