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Who is liable when a ride-share driver crashes?

If you have ever gone out in Conshohocken but did not want to drive, you may have used a ride-share company such as Uber or Lyft. These companies operate through smartphone apps and hook those in need of a ride up with local drivers who are available. While these companies are widely used, there may be some question as to who is liable in the event an accident occurs. If you are injured as a passenger, it is important to know whose coverage will cover your medical bills and any lost wages if you are unable to work.

If a person chooses to become a driver for a ride-sharing company, it is assumed that he or she has their own motor vehicle insurance policy. According to Money Magazine, commercial policies may be available to ride-share drivers in some areas, although they can be quite expensive compared to personal coverage.

What if your car gets totaled in an accident?

Every year, tens of thousands of people are involved in car accidents while they are driving, and a fair number of those accidents cause substantial damage to one or more vehicles. When that happens, insurance companies are charged with maintaining a careful balance-whether it is more cost effective to repair the existing vehicle, or to "total" it and pay the full loss value. For the drivers affected by this determination, there can be a lot in the balance, and it is important to know how to get the most out of the insurance appraisal, as well as how to recover other damages like medical costs.

Prepare yourself for an auto accident before it happens

You can be the safest driver on the face of the planet and still be at risk every time you get behind the wheel. You only have control over how you drive, and the rest of the world may be distracted, driving cars not fit for the road or driving too fast. To protect yourself in the worst-case scenario when a car accident happens, there are steps you can take to be prepared. Do not assume that you are always safe because you drive carefully, because no one is exempt from the dangers of the road.

What are underride crashes and how can they be prevented?

Being involved in any kind of car accident in Conshohocken can be serious, but crashes involving trucks can be particularly devastating. When you share the road with big rigs, one type of accident you are at risk for is an underride crash. These types of collisions occur when a passenger car winds up underneath a truck after crashing into the side or rear of it.

How these crashes can be prevented is currently the subject of much debate. According to, federal regulations do currently require safety guards on the rear of certain trucks and trailers. You may have seen them on trucks before but not have known what they are for. They are a series of horizontal and vertical bars that stretch across the back of the truck.

Winter weather poses danger for Pennsylvania drivers

While staying snuggled up warm and cozy in front of the fireplace during a snowstorm may sound like a fantastic way to spend a day, for many people in Conshohocken, that simply may not be possible. For those who must take to the road during winter weather events, they may wish to exercise caution.

According to the Weather Channel, more people die each year from car accidents caused by weather than from weather events such as floods and tornadoes themselves. Approximately 445,000 people are injured and 5,900 are killed each year from car accidents related to bad weather. Hazards from winter storms are second only to those caused by wet, rainy conditions.

Slip and fall caused by winter weather leads to lawsuit

When most people leave the house each morning in Conshohocken, they do not expect to suffer an injury in the course of their day. Slipping and falling can be embarrassing and when people get hurt, they may be tempted to blame only themselves for being careless. However, businesses and property owners are required to maintain their grounds to minimize the chances of someone sustaining an injury.

Three companies are now facing a lawsuit after being sued by a couple from Delaware. The wife alleges to have suffered multiple injuries, including head injuries, spine injuries and neck injuries, when she was hurt while visiting a business operated by Laboratory Corporation of America, more commonly known as LabCorp. She is suing for damages and legal costs and her husband is suing for loss of consortium.

I was in a hit and run accident: what do I do?

Getting into a car accident on Conshohocken is never a pleasant experience. However, if the other party fails to stick around, you may be left wondering what to do next. Here are some helpful tips for what you can do to keep the situation under control.

If the accident occurred or your car was damaged while you were not present, you may still be able to receive compensation for damages by filing an insurance claim, advises MSN. Insurance reimbursement may only be available if you have collision coverage or have protection against uninsured motorists, so examine your insurance documents carefully. Unless the incident was witnessed or caught on camera, however, you will not likely to be able to track down the culprit and go after him or her.

Do you have PTSD after a workplace injury?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly known as PTSD and isn't just reserved for those who have been on the battlefield. Any traumatic or stressful event can bring on symptoms of PTSD, and workplace accidents are no exception. No matter how big or small the incident, any type of workplace accident can result in some type of stress disorder for those who were involved and those who simply observed the incident. If you feel you may be suffering from PTSD, we have a basic guide to help you understand this disorder.

A look at pit bills and whether they are as dangerous as some say

Suffering from an animal bite in Conshohocken can not only be painful, but also traumatic and stressful. Therefore, those who wish to avoid being bitten may be curious as to what breeds are responsible for the most bites. While there are a growing number of people who believe pit bulls have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous, statistics do paint a rather telling picture.

According to TIME Magazine, deaths resulting from dog attacks are caused most often by pit bulls than by any other breed. Despite the fact that they represent only 6 percent of the total number of dogs in the country, pit bulls are responsible for more than half of deaths related to dogs. Still, there are plenty of people who argue that pit bulls are a product of their environment and that those who belong to responsible owners are no danger. Unfortunately, some pit bull owners take advantage of the breed’s innate disposition toward violence and train them to be aggressive.

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